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VegeCity is an online wholesale and retail.  
We provide 100% pure vegetarian foods.  We sell VegeFarm Products.

  • We believe in long-term  relationships with all our customers.  Your opinions/comments can help us provide more efficient services for you and all the other customers in the future.

  • We make sure in our products are all in good conditions when we ship.
  • We provide COD & UPS shipping.
    • ****Note**** COD only applies to 3boroughs of NYC: Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn. (Because some of the products are frozen, please choose the best shipping method to avoid any damages to your orders)

  • Where do we get our products from?
We import all our vegetarian foods from VegeFarm Corp (Taiwan).  It was found in Shu Lin, 1996.  
They provide as many as 300 varieties vegetarian product.  Since 2003, VegeFarm successfully 
expanded their market globalize into 18 different countries in the world and becomes the world's 
biggest frozen vegetarian food manufacturer that supplies various product choices.

Halal Certificate Authorized Issuer:Taipei Grand Mosque


HALAL」是阿拉伯文「合法」的意思,亦即符合伊斯兰教法,回教徒受到他们的真主阿拉的指示,只可进食获回教允许食用的 HALAL 食物。所谓HALAL清真认证是一套确认食物或产品从原物料采购、生产方式、加工处理、运送、存藏、冷冻、包装、销售等作业一直到食品送至消费者手中为止,确实符合伊斯兰教法的严谨过程,这表示从货源到终端产品都符合回教教义的严谨过程,确保产品不受污染,符合健康卫生之需求。因此,认明HALAL清真标章,不但能确保购买到的产品符合回教教义的规定,亦能保证其卫生安全,消费者大可放心食用。
松珍公司多款产品已经正式获得 HALAL回教清真食品认证,验明所有原料用品的配制、生产、包装和储存整个流程,均符合严格的HALAL标准,每个阶段都丝毫不马虎,成品确实符合伊斯兰教法的严谨过程,请消费者安心食用并恳请给予支持,谢谢!

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